The next thing I know it was 3am and we were getting ready to run.  The wake up calls always come so early, but at least we got an extra hour of sleep due to daylight savings time.

The first couple miles felt super humid to me.  I was so hot and felt like I might just overheat.  Even though I live in the deep South we haven’t seen that sort of humidity in a few months.  I was pleased with how my body was responding to the running and felt decent given the circumstances.

I loved running through Pandora in Animal Kingdom.  It was so cool and I felt like we were there for a good chunk of time.  It was a nice way to break up all the highway running.

After about mile 7, things got really hard for me.  My feet hurt, I was tired and I was realizing how out of shape I was.  I stuck to my walk/run intervals which helps so much, but I was on the struggle bus.

Once we got closer to Hollywood Studios and Epcot it seemed a little better because I knew we didn’t have much to go, but it felt like the longest couple miles ever.

I “treated” myself to some biofreeze around mile 10 and applied it to my screaming calves and aching back.  I felt a little better, but was just ready to be finished.

I cruised through to the finish, met my sister and was so thankful to be done.  This race really humbled me.  It made me aware of how out of shape I am and how unprepared I was to run the distance.  I’m not going to get down on myself because the last couple months have been so hard with the move and adjusting to an entirely new commute, but I’m just fired up to get back to training and put some solid work in.

After the race we headed to Disney’s Old Key West Resort and had the yummiest brunch at Olivia’s Café.  It was delish and the scenery was beautiful!

This race helped me put things in perspective and get motivated to get where I want to be.  I’m excited for new goals, new races and new experiences and this race helped me realize that motivation.

We had so much fun at WDW and I can’t wait to visit again for New Year’s Eve!

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